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Storm Damage

Insurance Claims

Insurance claims for roof repairs don’t have to be daunting. We make the process simple! From understanding your coverage to flawless restoration, we’re your trusted partner for hassle-free roof repairs. Get Your Free Insurance Claim Assesment.

Expert Assessment & Claim Filing

Our thorough inspection identifies damage and helps you understand your coverage (so you know if a claim is necessary). We'll guide you through the claim filing process, focusing on maximizing your claim.

Seamless Claim Preparation

We handle all the paperwork! Atrium Roofing will gather and present the necessary documentation to your insurance company, including photos, estimates, and measurements. Our team ensures everything meets current building codes and manufacturer standards, avoiding delays with the adjuster.

Expert Negotiation with Your Adjuster

A dedicated Atrium representative will accompany you during the adjuster's inspection, advocating for a fair assessment. We'll work with the adjuster to maximize your claim coverage, ensuring you get the repairs you deserve.

Smart Choices & Informed Upgrades

We'll clearly explain your insurance estimate and discuss any upgrade options. You'll have all the information to make informed decisions about your roof repair. Remember, upgrades are out-of-pocket expenses.

Throughout the process, we’ll keep you informed and empowered. Our goal is to guide you, maximize you claim and ensure a stress-free experience. For information about your Insurance Deductibles, Click here.

Conquer Your Insurance Claim with Atrium Roofing

Facing roof damage? Don’t let navigating an insurance claim add to your stress. Atrium Roofing is here to guide you through each step, ensuring a smooth process and maximizing your coverage. Follow these symple steps:

1. Contact Atrium Roofing. We will inspect your roof to make sure you need to file a claim.

2. Call you insurance company and File a New Claim. Make sure you call your insurance claim’s department, not your agent. Your agent can help but for faster response, Google the following prompt “(Insurance Company) 800 claims”.

3. File a new claim. Make sure you have your policy number and Date of Loss ready before you so, this is the date when the storm occurred. If you don’t know your date of loss, please Contact Atrium Roofing.

4. Claim number. Write down your claim number and the time and date when your insurance adjuster will be coming to inspection your property.

5. Contact Us. Just email or call and let us know when we should stop by and meet your insurance adjuster. We will take it from there!

For more information, please make sure to contact our office.